Here are some of the ways your support enabled us to help others. In 2017/2018/2019, TAG613...

... Paid rent for tenants who couldn't afford it

... Sent kids clothing and necessities (new, from to families in need with small children

... Paid for legal fees for a mother (Mrs. A) in a matrimonial struggle to have her child returned

... Paid for medical fees for a mother (Mrs. B) to help return her child to her,  removed by the state

... 'Bailed' / released a Jew from an undeserved prison sentence

... Provided a home (rent) for a year, for a family who fell on hard times

... Paid $100's for medicine for someone whose insurance didn't cover

... Placed ads in all NYC hotels for Tourists about Jewish Holiday services and Kosher establishments

... Initiated the global Chalk Shabbat project

... Provided many Mezuzot ($50@) to people who could not afford

... Provided a working school bus (and one more in progress) for a small bus company, providing work for a driver to support his family 

... Loaned 10s of thousands to various people in need of short - term loans

... Financially supported a family whose father died from illness

... Arranged for a funeral/tombstone and Kaddish services for a Jew w/o family who passed 

... Visited many people in hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes

... Arranged and delivered food to homes, hospitals and rehab centers

... Raised funds to help a family in Israel pay for a child's wedding

... Arranged for medical services for people in need

... Work with children with autism on a weekly basis

... Arranging volunteers to visit and work with children with special needs in conjunction with the Friendship Circle

... Traveled out of state and country to support people who were ill, or lost a family member

... Paid utility bills for a few people and families who needed the urgent, temporary support

... Organized an effective babysitting matching service connecting 100s of local Jewish girls with 100s of local, Jewish families, creating 100s of babysitting jobs!

... Hired a scribe in Israel to write a Sefer Torah, which was donated to a small community in Russia

... Created a recording studio for educational recordings and broadcasts, also for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students to record and 'Star' in their presentations

... Supported many other non profits doing work aligned with the mission statement of TAG613

...And much, much more! 

Help us continue our vital and sometimes lifesaving work!