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TAG is an acronym for
Avoda &

The 3 Pillars of the world:  
Torah (Bible/Study),  
Prayer &
Acts of Kindness. 

Social Services

TAG613, Inc. is a NFP organization which provides a wide range of aid to people and families in need, including bringing meals and joy (through visits and music) to the elderly, home-bound, and hospitalized. 

TAG613 connects volunteers to families of children with special needs, arranging their visits and providing transportation. 

TAG613 staff counsel youth and families, raise and distribute funds and donations for people in various struggling situations.


TAG613 develops educational and skill building materials, enabling children and adults to learn to pray, study and learn about their traditions, in all forms of media, print and digital. Visit our Publications department at ToolsforTorah.com

TAG613 Projects


 We reach every tourist in the TriState area through our monthly and annual ads in the WhereTraveler Magazines and Guestbooks, found in all hotels and tourist attractions. In these publications, we promote inspiring messages of goodness and kindness to the world and invite visitors to participate in Holiday celebrations and events. Click here to sponsor a monthly or annual ad. 

Let's Chalk Shabbat!

Your city. Your chalk.
Light Up your 'walk' with
shabbat and holiday times.
See more here!

Shema with Rabbi Chayim

 Shema with Rabbi Chayim on FBLive, Tuesdays 6:30pm-6:50pm for your child/student to "end the day the Jewish way" reciting the Shema, with songs and more. Geared towards preschool thru grade 2, one of the unique features of this program is that Rabbi Chayim mentions the names of the participating children, whose names are placed into the comments during the event! 

Running Commentary on FB-Live

 If you see a Rabbi Running in Central Park holding a selfie stick while deiivering an inspiring serman - on FaceBook-Live, chances are it's Rabbi Chayim.  See past videos here

Customizable Books

We provide a variety of customizable books. Siddurim, Bentchers, Megilot, Haggadot and more, for your school, organization, Bar or Bat Mitvah, wedding and more! Click here for more info.

Mitzvah Shirts

 Promote light, joy Mitzvot and inspiration with our GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Mitzvah Message T-Shirts


Share your smiles and spirit! Volunteer!
Email Info@TAG613.org with your available days / times and preferred service.
Food delivery
Visiting a child with special needs
Visiting the home-bound and elderly
Visiting hospital patients
Raising funds for families in need


Yes! I'd like to partner with TAG613 to help others.

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Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky