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Mezuzah for your Home or Office

 We distribute about a hundred  Mezuzot each year.  You can help by sponsoring a Kosher Mezuzah - or many mezuzot, at $40 each. 

Sponsor A Mezuzah!

Tefillin: Wrap, Borrow, Buy, Donate!

Need a Wrap? We'll come or send someone to wrap you in Tefillin.

Need to borrow a pair for a day or week? We've got the Tefillin for you. Need your own pair? We've got you covered. Sponsor a pair of Tefilin for a Bar Mitzvah boy or for someone who cannot afford his own for $500 here.

Tefillin Help!

Help Real People in Real Need, Now.

We help real people with real challenges, working with medical, legal and government officers to aid people and families in dire medical, familial and financial situations. Click the button below to see the current (urgent) Mitzvah in which you can help.

Current Mitzvah info.